The School provides well furnished library facility to the students in a pleaser atmosphere having more than 4000 text books, reference books short story books, Novels etc.


Provides well equipped Bio-Science, Chemistry, Physics and Geography Laboratories and two well furnished computer labs.


Provides all types of kits for football and cricket game and athletics.

Mid-Day Meals:

Schools provides Mid-Day Meals every day for the students from V to VIII as per instruction of DPO, Sarva Sikhsha Mission.

Literary and Cultural Programme:

School provides and organize literary and cultural programme in the school to develop all round development in the young learners.


Provides uniform @ Rs. 400/= per students from V to VIII every year.


Supplies all books to the students from V to VIII and English , Urdu, Mathematics to the students of class IX and X as per Education Department Govt. of West Bengal.


Students availing (a)Pre-matric and Post-matric scholarship provided by West Bengal Minoritry Finance Development Corporation. (b) West Bengal Urdu Academy Scholarship. (c)Maulana Azad Foundation scholarship for H.S. girls students. (d)Kanya Shree scholarship a world famous Scholarship by West Bengal Govt. (e)Sabuj Sathi(Cycle Distribution Programme) for the student of class IX to XII.

Medical Aid::

While in school the ailment of each and every student is viewed with utmost sincerity, sympathy and needful first Aid is provided forth with by the experienced medical personnel/s. Toppers of the school in M.P. Toppers of the school in H.S.


Date :29/05/2017

e-Tender Notice

Sealed Tenders are invited for Howrah High School, 6 & 7/1 P.M. Bastee 3rd Lane PO. & PS. Shibpur Dist. Howrah-711102 from the bona  fide contractors having the credential as mentioned in clause 1C for the following works of the above mentioned School. The details of Plan-Estimate and other testimonials of the work will be available at the office of School during the school hour. Bidders are requested to quote total amount of the Tender including all taxes and other incidental charges. The last date of submission of the Tender is 03.07.17 up to 4:00 PM & Tender will be opened on 04.07.17 at 12:00 Noon. Details of the Construction works are as below:

Item No.

Description of the Work

Amount put to tender(Rs.)

Total Amount to be quoted by bidder(Rs.)

Earnest Money to be Deposited

Time allowed for completion


Construction of Additional Class Room(3 Units)




Five months


Terms & Conditions:-

(1)The Bidder shall submit the two separate envelopes (called inner envelop) marked as “ Technical Bid” and “ Financial Bid” respectively and put into one outer envelope addressed to the Head master Howrah High school , 6 & 7/1, P. M Bustee 3rd  Lane , PO:  Shibpur , Dist : Howrah-711102,. If the name of the School is not mentioned on the covering envelope the application will be rejected. Upon receiving the sealed quotations the Technical Bid only will be examined first in presence of intending of this tender, and then the corresponding financial Bid will be rejected.


Part I- Technical Bid: - Bidder should submit Self attested photocopy of the following documents and EMD in Technical Bid Envelop:-


  1.  PAN Card, Professional Tax Challan, Income Tax Return for Assessment Year 2016-17, VAT Registration Certificate.

During scrutiny of Technical Bid/Tender documents if it is found that any information is incorrect the technical bid/tender documents will be rejected without assigning any reason thereof. The Tender Committee will have sole discretion to decide the eligibility of bidder on the basis of his submitted documents and reserves the right to refuse without any explanation to the bidder and the decision of the authority concerned will be final in this respect. All papers will be verified with original papers as when required.


  1. Current Renewed Trade License.

(c) Credential for doing similar work. The intending bidders must have a record of at least one successful completion of similar nature of work having at least 50% value of this proposed contract within last 3 years from the date of publication of the notice. Such type of work must be executed in the Govt Sector, Zilla Parisad, Panchayet Samity, Gram Panchayet or Public Sector Undertaking only. The completion certificate along with payment certificate issued by competent authority will be treated as credential in this respect.


(d) Earnest Money Deposit: - Bidder has to deposit Rs. 28971/- as Earnest Money in the form of Demand Draft only, in favour “Howrah High School (Dev Fund).” The name of the bidder is to be mentioned on the back side of the Demand Draft. Non submission of Earnest Money will summarily lead to rejection of the Bid. Earnest Money Deposit would be released on successful completion of work only on proper claim by the bidder. The EMD of the unsuccessful Bidders would be released after the date of finalization of the tender only on proper claim by unsuccessful bidder. However, no interest would be paid on Earnest Money Deposit. Earnest Money Deposit will be forfeited in following cases.

I. The Bidder withdraws tender after opening or acceptance.

II. The selected bidder fails to accept order or refuses (wholly or partly).

III. The selected bidder fails to complete the work within stipulated time as mentioned in the work order.

Part II – Financial Bid:-  Bidders are requested to submit total Tender value including all taxes, Cess, Levy, Octroi, Royalty, transportation, loading, unloading, stacking etc including all other incidental charges therein. Evaluation of Tender for selection of 3ACR may be done on complete package basis. The value should be mentioned both in figures and words. No erasing/overwriting will be entertained.

(2) The intending bidders should know the fact that the rates in the BOQs(Bill of Quantities) are inclusive all duties, taxes, royalties, Cess,{(including 1% Cess under W.B. Building and other Construction Workers(Regulation of Employments & Condition of Service) Act, 1996}, toll, taxes and other levies payable by the Contractor under the Contract to the State / Central Government for any other cause, shall be included in the rates, prices and total Bid price submitted by the bidder. 1% Cess under W.B. Building and other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employments & Condition of Service) Welfare Cess Act, 1996 will be deducted from the running bills. No separate claim on any circumstances will be allowed.

(3) All materials used in the construction must be in accordance with the schedule of the works. Plan, estimate & specification will also be the part of the contract. If it is observed any difference between the Schedule and the material used in any occasions that may cause less payment or cancelling the work order or blacklisting the Contractor subject to the decision of the authority. Payment will be made on the basis of the certificate and MB (i.e. Measurement Book) made by the said school authority (DDO).

(4) Time & Cost over-run will not be permitted. In case of any work not being completed by the conduction within the stipulated time-frame, necessary Penal measure, in the tune of deduction of an amount, as decided by the authority concerned, will be imposed.

(5) Necessary deduction towards VAT, Income Tax and Labour Welfare Cess etc. will be made as per Govt. norms, and Security Deposit @ 10% of the value of work will be deducted from each progressive Bill as the case may be.

(6) The successful contractor shall have to submit 3(three) copies of application in the prescribed form for license (Form No. VI) duly filled and signed by the contractor along with the tender. The license fee in terms of Rule – 26(2) and the Security Deposit of Labour in terms of Rule – 24 of West Bengal Contract & Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1972 should be separately deposited to the Local Treasury under the Head of Account: 843 Civil Deposit – Deposit under various central and State Acts deposit under the contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970.

(7) The intending bidders should furnish a list of works executed by them / him / her of similar nature during last 3 years as mentioned above with necessary certificate from the concerned Executive Engineer or Engineer in Charge or above of any Government / Government undertaking regarding satisfactory performance of such works to be submitted at the time of receiving tender. In absence of the above details tender may not be accepted.

(8) All the related documents are to be produced IN OROGINAL to this office as and when asked for.

(9) No Mobilization/Secured advance will be allowed to selected agency.

(10)Running payment for work will be made to the agency by HM, Howrah High School Shibpur Howrah after the approval of the M.C. of the school, as per availability of fund and as per norms. The maximum no of RA bill be 3(three).

(11) The Successful Tenderer , herein after called the Contractor , will have to execute an agreement on a Non Judicial Stamp worth Rs. 100/- only.

(12) Sub-allotment of work under any circumstances will not be permitted.

(13) Escalation claimed by the Agency will not be entertained by the Authority.

(14) Tender received after the stipulated time and date due to any reason whatsoever shall not be considered and the same are liable to be rejected.

(15) The accepted rate will remain valid till the completion of the work.

(16) Bid from Joint Venture is not allowed.

(17) In this tender no arbitration will be allowed.

(18) No materials, Tools & Plants etc. will be issued by the school Authority.

(19) No preconditioned tender will be accepted.

(20) Any bill (running account/final) payment of proposed executed work may be made to Agency as per availability of found.

(21) Incomplete tender or tender received without the desired documents shall summarily be rejected, without making any further reference/correspondence.

(22) Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any / all tenders without assigning any reason whatsoever. The decision of authority in this regard is final and binding.

(23) All intending bidders are requested to estimate along with specifications which will be available at office of the concerned school during the school hours before submission of the tender paper.

(24) Consolidated amount for the whole work will be considered for the selection of the agency.

Documents to be enclosed along with the Tender:

  1. PAN Card.
  2. Professional Tax Challan,
  3. Income Tax Return for AY 2016-17,
  4. VAT Registration Certificate.
  5. Current Renewed Trade License.
  6. Completion Certificate along with work order and payment certificate of the respective work for credential
  7. Earnest Money Deposit
  8. In case of Partnership Firm / Registered Company, the intending tenderers are requested to submit the copy of the DEED of Partnership / relevant document in support of proof of so.
  9. List of works as per clause 7 of Terms & conditions.

List of Important Dates of Bids


Name of Work

Ref NIT No.- Vide Page No. 01


Completion Period for construction

5 months


Date of Issuance of tender form(only school hours of working days)

01.06.2017 to 17.6.2017 up to 4.00pm


Last Date of Bid submission (only office hour of working days)

03.07.2017 Up to 4.00 pm


Time and date for opening Technical Bid/Bids & Financial Bids

04.07.2017 at 2.00pm


Place of submission & opening of bids

Office of the School


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