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ABBAS ALI - Founder of Howrah High School

Howrah High School (H.S.) is an Urdu Medium Co-Education institution established in 1959 , where Arts and Science Stream run at H.S. level. It was popularly known as Bakshi School name derived from the name of Late Md. Bakshi Master who used to teach here. It is a State Govt. Aided School and recognized to West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. It has a fascinating history of growth from a small tin shed room donated by Late Khuda Baksh(Kalut Bariwala) to two concrete four storey buildings where more than 1700 students have been getting quality education. Founder/s of the school: After Independence when Indian Muslims were suffering the agony of Partition and riots and struggling for their survival it was an iron man Late Aziz Ghawasi and Mr. Abbas Ali appeared on the horizon and collected like minded people of the community to establish the school.

Affiliation/Recognition of the school in chronological order.
1. Date of Establishment of school : 16th April, 1959
2. Recognition up to class VIII : 1.01.1978
3. Upgradation up to class X only Boys : 01.01.1986
4. Upgradation up to class X Co-Education :2005
5. Upgradation up to class XII/Arts only (Co-Ed) :2005
6. Upgradation up to class XII/Science : 2012

Headmaster/TIC of school

NAME Designation Period
Late Shamsul Haque Ansari H.M. 01.01.1978 to 31.12.2003
Md. Qasim TIC 31.12.2003 to 01.01.2004
Md. Ramjan Ali TIC ……….to 29.02.2006
Aftab Alam H.M. 01.03.2006 to till date